Features Of Travel Technology Software

In any travel agency, having software to integrate and monitor the bookings and transactions is very important. This makes service effortless and time-saving. Travel CRM ensures the global expansion of the business resulting in great performances. Technology has brought in high levels of automation, efficiency, customer intelligence with data, and new business opportunities to cater to customer needs.


Travel CRM Software


This software has been used in many travel agencies to improve the B2B or B2C business. By the design of multi-layer and comprehensive portals, the work of all the stakeholders namely the customers, the travel agencies or operators, the hotels, the transportation companies etc is eased and efficiency is increased as there is an effective application of mind, time, energy and money all at the same time.


The Key features of Technology Software Solution include :

  • Enables online International and Domestic Ticket Booking by fetching online inventory of air tickets, thus simplifying the process for customers as well as personnel helping the customers in accessing them
  • Hotel Reservation made easier for the client with filters to choose hotels with lesser tariffs and as per the preferences of the customers
  • Booking of vehicles (maybe a car or a bus) made easy with these Travel CRM software with proper requirements stated beforehand
  • Domestic and International holiday packages are developed and curated  as per the customer’s requirements, preferences and likings
  • All agents can be given separate login accounts to deposit funds with the help of such software, which maintains a clarity thereby increasing the efficiency
  • Helps conduct an easy checkout process that is user-friendly, thus saving a lot of time of the customers and getting positive feedback with happy customers leaving the premises
  • Cloud computing-based software allows ease of maintenance and updates, unlike the earlier times where all the information was manually stored, searched and applied
  • Easy adjustment of pricing and packaging as per the demand, seasonality and other factors is also empowered by the implementation of these travel technology company.
  • Integration of social elements like social media or other engagement applications promotes customer satisfaction and creates a positive as well as a long-lasting impact
  • Helps organize data in a structured manner post gathering data from multiple sources, thereby saving time and effort resulting in efficient servicing of the customers
  • Improved overall service to the customers as this software simplify the world of the customers with a whole of automation and systemizing the usual’s
  • Provides fresh, instant and relevant information or content outline making the data real and thus helpful.
  • Analysis of consumer behavior can be done in order to maximize growth, profitability and consumer experience for revenue generation.
  • Itinerary Builder also helps to create the trip in a very detailed way.


Travel Technology Software


Practical application of this travel technology software :-

  • Travel Portal with a dynamic packaging
  • Travel Website Development.
  • In the Airline Reservation System
  • In the Hotel Reservation System
  • In the Car Rental Software
  • In the Bus Reservation System
  • For Travel Customer Relationship Management

This Travel Back office software offers higher efficiency and agility helping the business to progress by manifolds. With a team that has the knowledge, capability and expertise, TraviYo helps to add continuous value to the market. Technology has enhanced communication, convenience, productivity, the pace of business, marketing and the revenue generated.

 With your own travel website, you can easily improve the efficiency of your travel agency and its travel packages. Travel websites generated and developed by TraviYo not only simplifies your business but it also helps you expand your online presence with its robust features and attractive designs.



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