What is A Travel Agency CRM?

Travel agency’s in the present times have been successfully implementing custom Travel Agency CRM systems into their businesses, allowing their company to deliver differentiated and efficient service to their customers.

Travel CRM System


Travel CRM systems in the travel industry have always enabled business processes, services and the staff on retaining and servicing their loyal customers by responding to their individual needs. Bookkeeping services and cloud-based applications have been made easy with the use of customized CRM solutions. It has not only helped manage the operations in a better manner but also enhanced the productivity of the company’s by manifolds. It has help businesses win the customers trust by means of deploying reliable and innovative service.


Travel Agency CRM


Travel agency CRM system is specifically created, designed and developed for the travel agencies which include features that are directed towards satisfying the needs of the hospitality companies. These travel agency CRM providers have made it easy to organize information, automate the mode of operations and implement international communication. The key functionalities of CRM solutions have simplified the daily tasks, saved time and money as well.

v Customer database – It allows to trace all the information related to a customer, for example, the Passenger Name Record, travel itinerary etc. It has helped travel agents to cater to the customers’ needs more effectively.

v  Email, Chat, and Back Office Services – Have been synchronized with CRM systems.

v  Multiple Agents Logins – This has helped in allowing the staff members to work cohesively as a team by putting their knowledge and expertise to achieve common goals.

v  Information archive – Has helped provide the business with various types of data such as booking and service history, future bookings, customer preferences, loyalty points etc. This has helped in improving the management of the customer data.

v  Analysis of data – The utilization of analytical tool has helped yield more customers and improved the effectiveness of the business campaigns.

v  Help Desk Support – Has helped in providing guidance about the software.

v   Integration with IT environments - Allows downloading of a record of e-mail.

v  Contact appointment scheduler – Helped in accurately scheduling bookings and orders.

v  Customer relationship management system – Has enabled the travel agents to interact more effectively with clients.

v Booking component – Has helped in managing the bookings more efficiently in real time.


Benefits of CRM systems -:

There are many advantages of these systems that have been time and again noticed by the companies. This business tool has benefitted the travel agency’s in ways more than one :

v  Cater more effectively to the customer

v  Analyze trends

vAnalyze marketing information and calculating the effectiveness of campaigns

v  Improve customer satisfaction

v  Have a fast web-based access

v  Maintain customer records

TraviYo focuses on customer experience enhancement with the creation of CRM systems according to the features of the company, its product or services, profitability and stream of potential customers. With a dedicated CRM system, the company would be able to concentrate on their core business strength and strategies along with implementing specific processes. Travel CRM works superbly for small as well as larger travel agencies given the string of benefits they get on the implementation of the system. It has been seen to make the agencies more effective, efficient, profitable and dependable.


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