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Why Social Media Important for Travel Agencies?

Social media marketing is the new buzzword hitting the market. Be it any industry, you can find its penetration in each of them, and the travel and tourism industry is no different. When we talk about using social media marketing services for the travel agency, then it might sound a bit astounding to most of you reading this, but the matter of the fact is that we do need the presence of social media in this domain.

Social Media Marketing

As compared to the earlier times, today travelers range from people of all age group, and most of these people are on the internet. So, you really cannot miss out on the number of individuals to whom you can advertise your brand and services. Social media marketing is that tool which helps you connect with millions of people in one go.

As a travel agent, you must know that social media marketing services for travel agents are the key driver for growth. You may find myriads of companies offering such services, but you must align with those who can not only take care of social media marketing services for travel agency but at the same time do the SEO and allied services which work together in promoting your business on the social front. TraviYo is that tool for you.

Social Media Marketing Integration

It may look simple but merely making a statement is not a solution. You need the right assistance and tools that can help you in better social media marketing integration. TraviYo is that assistant to you. From designing your website to promoting it, TraviYo has all the tools integrated with it that will cater to all the marketing needs that are required to make your business grow.

Ways of promoting travel business on social media

Here are a few ways by which you can make use of social media marketing platforms. It is important that you must first get well-acquainted with all the prominent social media platforms. Some of them include names like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Add Social Media Sharing button to your website.

Well, this is the first step towards using the Social Media Marketing Services for Travel agency. Adding social media buttons enables the users and viewers to share your blog or news on social media platforms thus, giving more visibility to your name. Moreover, the viewers can leave their views and opinions on the same. TraviYo allows you to create a website which is as per the algorithm set by search engines thus making your website rank high.

Add Facebook Comments Section to your website

This step would reduce the spam on your website as the user has to login using their Facebook account to leave comments. It also helps in giving more exposure by motivating the users to post an update on their Facebook.

Additional Social Media and Website Integration Ideas

TraviYo give you a number of options for social media integration with features of popular social media forum like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These are just a few of the ways which can make your website social media friendly and help you generate more brand awareness.


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