Best CRM software for small Tour & Travel Agency

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a software that can store all your customer details under one single roof. Imagine walking into a bank and making a deposit into your personal account via a teller. The teller opens a tab on his computer and looks at your account details, which includes all your information right from our name, address to the last withdrawal details that you made.

Travel CRM Software

Software that store such data of multiple clients is often termed as Travel CRM Software. Imagine your travel business has numerous clients and you need to organize their info under one single system.  CRM is the place to start with; CRM software are not just digital diaries, they are a powerhouse library with email and chat facilities. CRM Software today are laden with  desirable  features like tracking and lead management, live inventory details, accounting, taxation, preparing and managing quotes, payment options, invoicing, instant reporting, etc.

Best Travel CRM Software

Today we look at some of the Best Travel CRM Software for small tour and travel agency without heavy expenses and at the same time move humungous workloads at a faster pace with minimum resources.

Dolphin CRM from Dolphin Dynamics

Dolphin CRM is a travel software expert that helps B2C and B2B booking agents/ engines and tour operators by providing a suite for reservations and back office activities in travel business. It manages your contact information, is a good application for messaging, and can communicate with clients for customized requirements. Apart from these, managing quotes, sale records, tracking of a lead, lead generation and much more can be accomplished with this travel CRM system. Documentation process also becomes easy as the software takes care of the activity rather fluidly and helps to ease the back office work.

Emerald from ISO Travel Solutions

ISO Travel Solutions has come up with a unique Travel CRM System by the name Emerald that is customized specially for the travel industry. The complete value chain of the travel industry is supported by Emerald, right from advisory on travel destinations, itinerary, lead generation, customer follow-up and the final booking. The software technology is built on Java, incorporates ISO Dynamic Travel Components (DTC) as the main strategic mechanism that allows the app to present and access data in a single database, and integrates it with IT environments for data exchanges. One of the Best Travel CRM Software for small tour & travel agency, Emerald is a powerhouse of features and efficient CRM software.


Simpleview was established in 1991 and is known as a standard for integrated travel business. A marketing solution platform built on a website management system, Simpleview has created improvement in destination sales, reporting and marketing strategies. With short-time, quick responses, the CRM platform has built lasting customer relationships and increase in sales as while lowering operational costs.