best travel website design

best features of travel website

Important Features of Travel Website

The first impression is the last impression, and the saying is now proven to be true to travel industry more than ever. There are several remarkable important features of travel website which are not just bounded to images and the standard booking system. Over the years the internet has changed dramatically and something engaging and exciting is needed to get engaged with the target audience. 

best travel website design


When it comes to managing the travel business effectively, it is essential to provide the top quality of services to the target audience. But it is only half the battle, the real battle starts when it comes to making the travel business digitally active. Without the online presence, the travel brand can’t be reached to a greater audience and eventually get to the abyss. Every business should have a renowned online presence to acquire potential customers as long as the travel business is alive and still striving to stand out in the crowd. The first impression is the last impression, and the saying is now proven to be true to the travel industry more than ever. There are several remarkable important features of a travel website that are not just bound to images and the standard booking system. Over the years the internet has changed dramatically and something engaging and exciting is needed to get engaged with the target audience.

Gone are the days when travelers and tourists used to be happily satisfied with the services offered by offline travel companies and group tours. In today’s world, millennials and digital natives, tourists have now become quite picky when it comes to planning their vacations. They want something unique in their trip. Nowadays, tourists are opting for highly curated and customized travel experiences that are perfectly made to suit their aura. According to the research, 36% of tourists tend to pay extra for custom-made services. Around 57% of the travelers want that travel website to specialize their feed based on past bookings and personal experiences. However, it is good for travel professionals to have the best travel website design as they can offer the right information at right time and are more likely to generate great business revenues.

Best Features of Travel Website

It’s easier said than done, how do you make sure that the travel website is loaded with the right features and will tempt customers to the travel brand? Well, there is no magic formula that works for all but we can know about some of the common yet best features of a travel website that will help you to build the ideal travel website that will appeal and connect with the target audience in a willful manner.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Design


It is crucial to have a responsive and mobile-friendly design of the website if you want to gain more traffic in your travel business. If you don’t have a user-friendly travel website, then you are missing out on a large number of potential leads. It has been said that 61% of users are unlikely to return to the website if they had trouble operating and loading the travel website on their mobiles and 40% of visitors are likely to jump into the competitors’ website if the mobile site takes too long to load. With these statistics in mind, contact the best travel website design company and make your mobile-friendly and responsive travel website that delivers the users an amazing booking experience.

best features of travel website

Easy to Use Search Forms

Most travelers who use travel websites and research about the tourist attractions online don’t have any particular place in their mind. Instead, they are exploring all the possible criteria that will catch fancy. For this reason, a dynamic search engine is the topmost priority of any travel website and the travel agencies need to ensure that they understand it right. If we come to the basic, the travel search is simple and only need to answer “when” and “where”. The website design company for travel businesses also improves the search feature by involving other relatable features that your target audience is more likely to use.

Be Transparent

According to a survey, around 53% of users abandon the website if the results of their travel services and offers are not clear enough and represented with the mismanaged and confusing total price, inclusive of all taxes, and other charges at the last stages of the search. It is advised to disclose all the taxes, additional fees, and assorted charges at every step of the search. It is essential to be transparent in the travel industry to attain the trust and loyalty of potential customers. We here at TraviYo offer the best travel website design services which can help you to generate organic leads without any hassle. Be exhaustive and offer complete information about the package and activities, so that the client can know what they are getting into. In short, be transparent with all kinds of hidden costs and taxes, and don’t amaze your visitors with any additional fees at the time of checking out.

Include Social Media platforms and Reviews

Social Media also plays a considerate role in acquiring potential leads for any business and when it comes to travel, social media is an effective platform to promote your travel services to a wider audience. When you promote your travel agency on social media, you can make your travel business known more widely and encourage people to visit the website. Another important thing that is crucial for travel website design is positive client reviews. It has been estimated that nearly 96% of tourists read client reviews and third-party reviews before opting for any travel agency. So, it is a wise idea to boast the testimonials and positive reviews of the clients on the website.

Easy Booking System

To offer real-time updates, make sure that your travel website has an easy and effective booking system. It will make things easier and help the travel companies to gain customers’ trust and loyalty. It will make things easier as the system will offer information like tourist places, check-in and check-out dates, contact details, and other travel-related data or information. Make sure that the payment webpage will have multiple payment methods like a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or net banking to make the process easy. The top travel website design company provides the best website for travel companies with all the necessary solutions organized in it.


In this digital world, even travel company is taking new dimensions and considerable steps to make their travel business widely known. These days, travelers use online travel portals to meet all their travel needs. The important features of a travel website will let you understand the digital importance of the travel business and help you to generate more organic leads.

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