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Features of TraviYo CRM

Unlike other CRMs, TraviYo CRM is specially designed for the Travel Industry and has a more visible mainstream impact. Long gone are the days of endless waiting and separate bookings, TraviYo CRM is the new interactive and management body in the Travel Industry that not only saves time and effort but is designed to cater to individual needs. CRM services by TraviYo are carefully crafted, keeping in mind the essential needs of every travel service portal and agency. Some key features of Travel CRM by TraviYo are:

Robust automated follow-up system

Leads Unqualified Reasons report

AI based call recording

AI based itinerary builder system

Auto Quotation sollowup

1000+ Preloaded itineraries

Auto calculated service based GST

Automated payment follow-ups

Centralized invoicing system

Supplier management

Customer engagement

Profit & Loss Report

Travel API Solution | TraviYo

Travel Api Provider

Nowadays taking your travel business online is considered to be the smart move for improving business productivity and effectiveness. The majority of people prefer making bookings online, thus, owning your own travel portal would be very beneficial for grabbing new and loyal customers. But running an online travel portal is not sufficient, the website should have necessary features and must be capable of providing important web services to both the customers and travel agents. Hence, a proper Travel API integration with your travel portal is a must.

API stands for – Application Programmable Interface and is responsible for defining how one application or communicates with others. To put in simple words, a Travel API is a set of web services used for accessing travel deals from various travel connections. There are several Travel APIs that permit you access to their rich content and travel deals such as – Hotel APIs, Flight APIs, APIs for travel agents, your operators and corporations.

Why TraviYo Travel API Solution?

Fligt booking Api

TraviYo not only provides expert services in Travel Portal but also offers you the best Travel API Solutions. TraviYo API Solutions enable you to utilize these integrations and create custom applications that link with your travel portal, allowing you to add features for enhancing your business processes.

Being a travel company, offering tour packages for different travel destinations is a common process. When you combine TraviYo API Solutions with your travel software solution, you would be able to provide unbeatable travel services such as - Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Tour booking and many more, to your potential clients.

TraviYo API solution allows users to manipulate and design an existing product or feature to serve their own interests and business requirements. We help various travel agencies and companies set up a platform with our Travel Portal and API Solutions for selling different services and products online and increasing business.

Trusted by 250+ travel agencies globally, with 25% increasing Growth Monthly!

Now put Your travel agency on AUTOPILOT and enjoying a world-class ONLINE market presence.

"Good Work Environment. Best work place with great people. User friendly CRM with lots of automation features and amazing framework. So far, my experience with TraviYo CRM has been very good."

"Perfect solution for startups. The price is right and the system does all I need it to. The automation of my sales process using this tool has significantly improved the efficiency of my pipeline & sales process management."

"This is a valuable tool which we use to evaluate the level of customer service we are providing, as well as providing a benchmark for our employees' incentive program. I have found TraviYo to be a very professional organization to work with.

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