Travel CRM Software

TraviYo is the best travel CRM provider that helps numerous travel companies to cope up with the challenges including inquiries, itineraries, payment schedules, and lead management.

Advantages of Travel CRM Software

The best travel CRM software helps travel agencies and organizations streamline operations, deliver personalized experiences, improve customer service, and drive business growth by leveraging centralized customer data and automating various processes.

  • Centralized Customer Data
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Sales and Lead Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Collaboration and Team Management
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How Travel Agency Software Can Transform Your Travel Business?

The travel agency software can transform your travel business by improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, increasing productivity, providing actionable insights, and driving overall growth. It empowers your team to deliver exceptional service, build strong customer relationships and stay competitive in the dynamic travel industry.

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About Travel CRM Software

Travel CRM is customer relationship management software that helps the travel agents to nurture their relationship by effectively managing the operations of the travel business. It helps the travel companies to manage leads, streamline follow-ups, manage customers’ queries, and enhance the sales process. The travel CRM software is especially designed for travel agents, tour operators, travel companies, and online travel agents to automate the entire operations of the travel industry. With the help of the CRM, the travel agents can manage and assign leads, respond to the customers’ queries, have the automated follow-ups, and learn the advanced reporting system.

TraviYo’s Travel CRM manages the travel agency’s operations effectively, simplifies workflow, and improves business efficiency. It is very simple to operate and can be integrated with any kind of travel service; making it flexible and adaptable at the same time. TraviYo CRM helps travel agents to have a strong online presence and for that reason, it is proved to be the best travel management software. The proper implementation of Travel CRM software by the travel businesses can lead to increase business leads and sales efficiency.

With the help of the best travel CRM software, the travel agents can easily allocate leads to their team members and track the team activities. There no chances of any missed follow-ups with the leads as the CRM software has reminder system. It eliminates the use of multiple spreadsheets to sort through the leads as one can automatically analyse their leads on a single platform.

The global travel industry has transformed considerably and now using latest technological trends to cater the needs of the tourists. In addition to managing the travel operations, the best travel CRM software also assists managing other activities such as packages, itineraries, payments, and activities which reduces the operational costs and automate sales, marketing, and finances.

Key Features of Travel CRM Software

The travel CRM allows the travel agents to utilize their sources appropriately and make their travel business more profitable and reliable. With the help of the CRM, the travel agents can track the team activity and make the reliable travel brand for the tourists and travellers. Here are some of the best features of TraviYo CRM which set it apart from others:

  • Automated Follow-up System
  • AI-based Itinerary Builder System
  • Service-based Auto Calculate GST System
  • Supplier Management
  • Leads Management Report
  • Quotation Follow-up
  • Automated Payment Follow-up
  • Easy to Understand Interface
  • AI-based Call Recording
  • 1000+ Preloaded Itineraries
  • Centralized Invoicing System
  • Efficient Profit and Loss Reporting System

Travel CRM Software Inclusions

Step 01

Sales Automation

The travel CRM software helps the travel agents to manage all the touchpoints with prospects throughout the sales process. The travel CRM helps the travel businesses to manage the customer tickets and the marketing team can analyze the marketing campaigns. It simplifies the process of lead nurturing and streamlines the sales process. The CRM helps the travel businesses to accelerate the journey throughout the sales pipeline.

Step 02

Itinerary Builder

The itinerary builder function of the travel CRM software builds a fully-customized day-by-day itinerary for the customers. By using the itinerary builder, the travel businesses can share the itinerary to their clients through mail. With the help of travel CRM, the travel agents can manage all their travel business operations at one place. Our itinerary builder software sends attractive itineraries to your client without any hassle.

Step 03

Payment Scheduler

TraviYo also offers a payment scheduler option in the travel CRM software which connect ecommerce, payments, payment processing, and customer data all in one place. It allows the travel agents to offer leads and customers streamline payment experience. The feature provides a sales rep with the necessary information to personalize the buying experience. It also allows the customers to make real-time payments without any worries.

Step 04

Manage Suppliers

The best travel CRM software plays a crucial role in managing suppliers and agents. The travel CRM leverages the travel business for providing high-quality customer. The travel CRM stores all the information of supplier in a centralized manner with the help of which the travel agents can evaluate anything. It helps to strengthen the travel business and enhance business revenues.

Step 05

Auto Invoicing

With the help of travel CRM, the travel agents can simplify the process of generating invoices and can generate the invoices automatically without any worries. It automates the invoice generation and manages the process by producing professional-looking invoices. These invoices are generated with the branding of the travel business and relevant taxes. The travel agents can also track invoices and follow-up with the customers for the same.

Step 06

MIS Reports

With the help of TraviYo’s travel CRM software, the travel businesses can easily generate MIS reports and have the deep insights of the business’s sales and marketing report. The travel agents can identify the gap and take the business’s decisions accordingly. With clear insights on the business reports, the travel agents can level up their marketing game and attract potential audience without any worries.

Why Choose Us

Wondering how TraviYo Travel CRM can help your travel business to grow? TraviYo CRM is one of the best travel CRM software that offers customized solutions to travel agents and delivers curated services for efficient business administration. The travel agents can generate queries from multiple platforms and manage them efficiently.

  • Simplified Workflow
  • Simple & Transparent Billing Process
  • Free Demo Session
  • Easy Task Automation
  • Deliver the Desired Results
  • Safe and Secure
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Fast and Responsive

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some commonly asked Questions to give you more information about Traviyo!!!

Travel CRM software is a customer relationship management solution specifically designed for the travel industry. It helps travel agencies, tour operators, and other travel businesses manage and optimize their interactions with customers, streamline operations, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Travel CRM software typically includes features such as customer database management, lead and opportunity management, itinerary management, booking and reservation tracking, sales and marketing automation, communication and messaging tools, reporting and analytics, and integration with other travel systems and platforms.

Travel CRM software offers several benefits for travel businesses, including improved customer relationship management, increased sales and conversions, enhanced customer service and support, better lead and opportunity management, streamlined workflows and processes, targeted marketing and communication, and comprehensive reporting and analysis.

Yes, travel CRM software can integrate with various other travel systems and platforms to streamline data exchange and provide a more comprehensive view of customer interactions. This can include integration with booking engines, GDS (Global Distribution Systems), travel supplier APIs, marketing automation tools, and accounting software, among others.

Travel CRM software centralizes customer data and interactions, providing a complete view of customer history, preferences, and communications. This enables travel businesses to personalize their interactions, track customer inquiries and requests, manage follow-ups, and provide better customer service and support.

Travel CRM software can be suitable for both small travel agencies and large enterprises. The software can be scaled and configured based on the size and complexity of the business, allowing organizations of all sizes to benefit from its features and capabilities.

Yes, TraviYo is the best travel CRM software provider which offers training and support services to help businesses effectively implement and utilize the software. This can include onboarding assistance, user training, documentation, and ongoing technical support.

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