B2E Travel Portal Development

TraviYo: One of the leading B2E travel portal development company which provides the fast and easy access to the services. TraviYo develops a dedicated platform to associate the corporate travelers with the best travel services.

About B2E Travel Portal Development

TraviYo provides the best B2E portal development services where the travel companies can create the corporate or enterprise login IDs so that they can book the flight, hotel, bus, or vehicle through their dashboards. The corporate can also send the cancellation request from their dashboards as well. The travel companies can check the previous booking details, set reminder, share details to passengers etc. The B2E travel portal is designed to give a wide range of options for domestic and international air travel. It has value-added information on travel that an employee might not find on the company intranet.

Our B2E travel portal development provides a user-friendly interface. The portal offers a simple and intuitive design that allows employees to easily navigate and find the information they need. This includes providing quick access to travel policies, booking options, and other relevant resources. The interface is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that employees can access the portal on the go and make travel arrangements conveniently.

TraviYo is the best B2E travel portal development company that provides overall solutions to the travel industry. Our team of professionals provides the high-quality services that are perfectly customized. Our B2E travel portal offers a flexible online booking while earning the customer satisfaction at its best. We focus on security, reliability, and quality performance that will transform your business processes and improve business growth. The portal offers functionalities for managing itineraries, storing travel preferences, and generating reports for expense reimbursement purposes.

The B2E travel portal development focuses on creating user-friendly interfaces, efficient travel management systems, seamless supplier integration, travel policy compliance, and robust security measures. These portals serve as centralized platforms that enable employees to access and manage their travel arrangements conveniently and in compliance with organizational policies. By prioritizing these aspects, our team creates B2E travel portals that enhance employee productivity, simplify travel processes, and improve cost control and compliance within organizations.

Key Features of B2E Travel Portal

The B2E travel portal development is the new advancement in the travel technology industry. The travel portal is easily manageable in the corporate world and makes it simpler for the organizations to book their number of employees and identify the escalating process. With the help of B2E travel portal development services, you can easily reach large corporate companies that have in-house travel desk where the employees make the direct bookings.

  • 24*7 Booking Support for Sub-Agents
  • Accounting & Mark-Up Management
  • Secure Payment Gateway Integration
  • Hassle-Free One Time Setup
  • Easily Manage Holidays, Flights, Hotels, & Transfers
  • Live Chat & Feedback Option
  • Auto Cancellation Module
  • MIS Administrator Reports
  • Identifications and Affiliation of Customers

Our B2E Travel Portal Development Process

We at TraviYo understand the need of travel businesses and opt for the best development approach as per the client’s requirements. Our B2E travel portal development process involves several steps. Here's a general outline of the process:

Step 01

Requirement Analysis

Our team understands the specific requirements of the travel business and its employees. This involves gathering information about the desired features, functionality, user roles, and integration needs of the B2E travel portal.

Step 02

Design and Planning

Create a design and wireframe for the travel portal based on the gathered requirements. This includes designing the user interface, database structure, and system integration points. The team then plans the B2E travel development process, including milestones and timelines.

Step 03

B2E Travel Portal Development

After the design and wireframe, the development team implements the planned design and architecture. This involves creating the frontend user interface, developing the backend logic, integrating external APIs (e.g., flight and hotel booking APIs), and implementing features such as employee authentication, booking management, expense tracking, and reporting.

Step 04


After the development phase, we conduct thorough testing of the travel portal to ensure that it functions correctly and meets the requirements. Our testing team performs unit testing, integration testing, and system testing to identify and fix any bugs or issues.

Step 05

Approval & Launch

We will provide you a sub-domain link where you can check the portal’s functionality and layout. After your approval on the same we will live the B2E travel portal on your domain.

Why Choose TraviYo?

TraviYo is proved to be the leading platform for B2E travel portal development services which helps travel businesses with technological solutions. We are dedicated to streamline the travel business operations and meet the modern requirements of the travel industry. Still wondering why choose TraviYo for your B2E travel portal development needs? Here are the things that make us difference from others:

  • Absolute Solution for Latest Technology
  • 8+ Years of Experience
  • Developed 100+ B2E Travel Portals
  • Flexible API Integration
  • Data Security
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Real Time Inventory
  • Comprehensive Booking Management Tools
  • Client Satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some commonly asked Questions to give you more information about Traviyo!!!

A B2E travel portal is an online platform designed for the internal use of a company or organization's employees. It provides a centralized system for employees to search, book, and manage their business travel arrangements, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel-related services.

A B2E travel portal offers several advantages for businesses, including streamlined travel management processes, increased employee productivity, cost savings through negotiated rates, policy enforcement and compliance, improved visibility and reporting on travel expenses, and simplified reimbursement procedures.

B2E travel portals often include features such as travel booking and reservation systems, travel policy management, approval workflows, travel expense management, integration with travel suppliers, reporting and analytics, traveler profiles, itinerary management, and mobile accessibility.

B2E travel portals can be configured to enforce company travel policies and guidelines. This can include setting up approval workflows for travel requests, ensuring bookings adhere to preferred vendors and negotiated rates, and flagging any policy violations during the booking process.

Yes, a B2E travel portal development can integrate with corporate travel management systems to provide seamless data exchange between the two platforms. This integration enables better synchronization of employee travel data, such as itineraries, expenses, and reporting.

B2E travel portals often include features for managing travel expenses, including capturing and categorizing expenses, integrating with expense management systems or accounting software, generating expense reports, and facilitating reimbursement processes.

Yes, B2E travel portals can be customized to align with a company's branding guidelines and travel policies. This includes incorporating the company's logo, colors, and visual elements, as well as configuring the portal's functionality to meet specific policy requirements.

Yes, a B2E travel portal can be designed to offer a range of travel booking options beyond flights and hotels. This can include car rentals, airport transfers, visa assistance, travel insurance, and other related services based on the specific needs of the organization.

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