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B2B Travel Portal Development

TraviYo offers an all-round B2B Travel Portal Development and support in the travel industry which makes an easier booking experience.

Key Features of TraviYo’s B2B Travel Portal Development Services

The B2B travel portal development offers effective package creation, inventory management, customer management, automate sales process, manage accounts and get the insights of the travel business.

  • Commissions & Mark-Up Control
  • End-to-End Personalized Web Solutions
  • Advanced Reporting System
  • Best GDS Integration
  • Robust Tour and Travel CMS
  • Online Hotel Booking System
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Effective Inventory Management System
  • Interactive Booking System

Our B2B Travel Portal Development Process

The B2B travel portal development process involves creating a comprehensive online platform that connects travel agencies, tour operators, wholesalers, and other travel industry entities to facilitate business-to-business transactions and collaboration.

Step 01

Requirement Gathering

Understand the specific requirements and objectives of the B2B travel portal. This includes identifying the target audience, desired functionalities (e.g., inventory management, booking systems, reporting), integration needs, and any unique features.

Step 02

Planning and Architecture

Create a detailed plan and architecture for the B2B travel portal. This involves defining the portal's structure, user roles and permissions, workflow processes, payment systems, and integrations with suppliers and partners.

Step 03

Design and User Experience

Develop a visually appealing and user-friendly design for the B2B travel portal. Focus on creating an intuitive interface, clear navigation, and efficient workflows. Consider the branding guidelines of the target audience and ensure a seamless user experience.

Step 04

B2B Travel Portal Development

Develop the server-side functionality, database integration, and business logic of the B2B travel portal. This includes user management, authentication, inventory management, booking management, reporting, and communication systems. Consider scalability and security aspects during development.

Step 05

Integration with Suppliers and Partners

Integrate the B2B travel portal with relevant suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and tour operators. This involves integrating APIs or XML feeds to access real-time availability, pricing, and booking functionalities.

Step 06

Testing and Quality Assurance

Thoroughly test the B2B travel portal to ensure functionality, performance, security, and compatibility across various browsers and devices. Conduct functional testing, user acceptance testing, and stress testing to identify and address any issues.

Step 07

Approval & Launch

Deploy the B2B travel portal to the production environment after successful testing. Configure the necessary servers, domain, and hosting. Conduct final checks and ensure a smooth launch.

Why Choose TraviYo for B2B Travel Portal Development

We offer an all-round B2B travel portal development and support to the travel agents which are backed up with the necessary API integrations along with the renowned enhancements. We will help you to take your business to the next level with the updated technological enhancements in your travel brand. You will always have the upper hand with our latest software technology. The things that make us stand out in the crowd:

  • More than a decade of experience
  • Integrate Multiple API's
  • Access to Latest Technology
  • Best Compatibility with Travel CRM
  • Unique UX/UI
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • No Error in Booking Flow

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some commonly asked Questions to give you more information about Traviyo!!!

B2B travel portal development refers to the process of creating an online platform that connects various businesses in the travel industry, such as travel agencies, tour operators, wholesalers, hotels, airlines, and car rental companies. The primary purpose of a B2B travel portal is to facilitate business-to-business transactions, collaboration, and inventory management.

A B2B travel portal allows travel agencies and other industry players to access and manage a wide range of travel services and products, including flights, hotels, tours, transfers, and more. It provides a centralized platform where businesses can search for, book, and manage travel-related services for their clients.

Yes, a B2B travel portal can be customized according to your specific business needs. The development process involves understanding your requirements, including desired features, integration with suppliers, branding, and workflows, to create a tailored solution.

The development timeline for a B2B travel portal depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the project, desired features, integration requirements, and the availability of resources. Typically, it can range from a few weeks to several months.

Integration with suppliers is a crucial aspect of a B2B travel portal. This is typically achieved through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or XML feeds provided by the suppliers. The development team will work on integrating these APIs to access supplier data and services in real-time.

Security is a critical aspect of B2B travel portal development. The portal should incorporate industry-standard security measures such as data encryption, secure payment gateways, user authentication, and role-based access control to ensure the protection of sensitive data and transactions.

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