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Travel Agency Software Management | TraviYo

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Travel Industry is unique as it only grows and expands with time. The prospect of potential growth in business and customer numbers is appealing for both new entrepreneurs and struggling small travel agencies alike. With the advent of technology and long-distance communication, starting your own business and delivering services across the globe is easier than ever before.

Operating a travel business is not easy, and requires hard work as well as essential technical and software backbone to support business operations and managing customer requirements. In short, you need a good and effective travel agency management software for running travel-related businesses.

Why TraviYo Travel Agency Management Software?

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TraviYo is Stout Ware’s new travel agency management software and the latest addition to their best-in-class software solutions. TraviYo is the best software solution for managing all kinds of travel agencies. TraviYo aids travel agents in organizing, centralizing and automating the business operations of their agency using advanced technology. It acts as a travel agency back-office software that provides services such as payment scheduler, supplier management, invoicing and taxation using a computer-generated BOT. Ultimately, TraviYo makes management easy and simplifies all the agency’s operations.

Some Important Features of TraviYo

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Customers are always attracted to the travel agency that offers the best services, they demand the best overall packages, cheapest rates, and the most attractive destinations. Selecting the best suppliers is very crucial in delivering better services to your customers. Thus, TraviYo becomes a necessity as a reliable and quality tour and travels management software. Various key features of TraviYo are :

  • Supplier Management – It provides you with an option to manage your supplier’s contact details, services, payment, and other useful information.
  • TraviYo helps you calculate your GST and manage Supplier services easily with exhaustive reports.
  • It Improves your client engagement and bridges the gap between your agency and your clients.
  • Back-Office Reports – You no longer have to create reports manually, the software stores all the information in the system and shares exhaustive analytics and reports.
  • Payment Scheduler – TraviYo helps you manage payments for all your customers and vendors.
  • Invoicing and Billing Management – It schedules the payment for the customer and automatically generates and sends invoices using a BOT.
  • Taxation Management – It helps you manage taxes faster with smart invoice management.