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Essential tool to organise travel agency

Manage lead from different sources
Sales Automation
Follwup and reminders
Itinarary Builder
Global email managment
Payment Scheduler
Documenr sharing
Manage Suppliers
Lead distribution and reports
Auto Invoicing
SEO friendly web pages
MIS Reports

Exciting Features of TraviYo CRM

TraviYo is an AI based Travel Automation Software for managing your entire sales and operational task which is help you to execute your travel business efficiently and in a user friendly manner, might be now you are managing everything manually but with this increasing fierce competition you need to conquer your technology platforms, We here at TraviYo after a hard efforts of 2Years developed this product which have ability to migrate all your manual work to automation platform within few minutes, Technology and automation can bring a massive changes for your travel business and the perfect Travel Agency Management Software can bring this automation for your travel agency, which not only help you to manage your task its help to improve the revenue generations.

Robust automated follow-up system

Leads Unqualified Reasons report

AI based call recording

AI based itinerary builder system

Auto Quotation sollowup

1000+ Preloaded itineraries

Auto calculated service based GST

Automated payment follow-ups

Centralized invoicing system

Supplier management

Customer engagement

Profit & Loss Report

Why Choose Us?

TraviYo is the leading travel technology product where software is hosted on the remote server and accessible to multiple authorized users anywhere anytime via the internet connectivity & thus it sets travel agents free from any time and place barrier & reduces the infrastructure, maintenance and support cost incurred by travel agency.

We are primarily focusses on simplifying complicated sales process, lead follow-up, quotation sharing and payment scheduling process. It makes you more effective and saves huge time by automating your entire process.

TraviYo is Stout Ware’s new Travel Agency Management Software and the latest addition to their best-in-class software solutions. TraviYo is the best software solution for managing all kinds of travel agencies. TraviYo aids travel agents in organizing, centralizing and automating the business operations of their agency using advanced technology. Ultimately, TraviYo makes management easy and simplifies all the agency’s operations.

Back office Software

TraviYo’s Travel Agency Software Management

Travel Industry is vast and unique that making progress at a rapid pace as the technology for travel industry is evolving for this massive progress, if we back to few years back everything for a tour operator to mage manually where even up booking a rail ticket to book a taxi for the trip every process that we have in our business was manual, but if you saw the things now it’s completely changed the OTA are ruled on this industry, Automation and technology impacting a lot for this massive changes, still you can find lots of travel professionals are not using any Travel CRM or any Travel Agency Management Software to automate their business which might be tends them to huge losses in future.

The prospect of potential growth in travel business and increasing the satisfactory customer numbers is appealing for both new entrepreneurs and struggling small travel agencies alike. With the advent of technology and long-distance communication, starting your own business and delivering services across the globe is easier than ever before.

TraviYo’s Tour Operator Back Office Software

Operating a travel business is not easy, and requires hard work as well as essential technical and software backbone to support business operations and managing customer requirements. Automation can bring a missive change for your travel business and the robust Travel CRM can bring this automation, In short, you need good and effective Travel Agency Back Office Software for running your travel agency.

TraviYo is leading Travel CRM Software in India it’s a cloud based software hosted on a dedicated remove server which can be accept you anywhere anytime over the interment connectivity so which leads you with an extensive support to manage your task quickly and efficiency and reduce your infrastructure, maintenance and support costs.

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