Which is the best tour-operator software?

The best tour-operator software is the one that has the most suitable features for the business and helps the company achieve its sales goals by means of innovation. It is important to know about the company first and then the tour operator software can be chosen.

Travel Agency Software


The travel agency software assists the tour operators in managing all their tour bookings, back end operations and accounting on a single cloud-based platform. It also enables to customize tour packages, apply business rules and sell via multiple online distribution channels. This software should help the business run more efficiently with a Tour Operator software you can run your tour business more efficiently, thereby generating higher levels of profit.


Itinerary Builder


A company which has experience in API and GDS integration helps the company in providing better quality service. Travel agencies bank upon this tour-operator software and its functioning presuming that the software would be able to deliver to the B2B/B2C market. It would also have an efficient CRM system, accounting software and other solutions required for the success and smooth functioning of the business. The focus should be just on technology, innovation, quick turnaround time, booking engines, scalable travel portals and assurance of quality deliverables.


A good tour operator system would consist of :

v  Tour Booking Portals
These portals help the customers/agents search and book tours with respect to real-time availability and pricing through the B2C/B2B booking engine, on the web as well on the mobile.

v  Itinerary Builder
These systems are enabled to design fixed packages along with custom packages, which allows the customer with flexible options of different flights, hotels, activities and transport.

v  Inventory Management System
This enables the operators to set up and manage the details of all the contracted inventory of hotels and transfers along with their availability and net rates. The suppliers are also able to manage and update their inventories.

v  Quotation Builder
It enables operators to share quotations for complex tours and then let them be viewed by the customers via email, thus reducing their turnaround time and the cost. It would also eventually help in servicing more queries.

v  Back-Office
The back-office system automates the admin functions, thereby helping the operators manage the Suppliers, agents, customers and the accounting from a single location on the web.

v  Inventory Distribution and Channel Management
It also enables the operators to distribute the tour packages to the B2B agents and resellers via a unified API. The sales channels can also be managed from a single platform.

In the past decade, tour operator software has become a popular space. There are plenty of fundamental parts of being a tour operator like supplier management, booking tools, back-office systems and itinerary creation. Technology companies work hard in ensuring to provide the businesses with software that generates more money and reduces the amount of hassle. Each business may require a different type of software keeping in mind the nature and type of work that the company is doing. A tour operator software such as TraviYo has all the qualities in one, letting the companies not do much of research and stopping at one place for all their solutions to enhance the levels of customer satisfaction.

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