If you own a Travel Agency, you have a booking calendar to manage all your itinerary booking. And it’s not as easy as just slotting things in the calendar. Keeping your payment schedule full—and running smoothly—requires consistent attention and management

Collecting payments for your customers is a really tedious task and its very complicated while we talking to remembering the payments manually or we are using excel sheet like we may forgot the date and time when we will get the payment and if its more than 100 payments we are collecting a month its hamper our follow-up system also we can’t remember when we have to call to any one who requested us for call back. TraviYo simplified the process of payment scheduling for travel agents.

In TraviYo payment scheduler you can schedule your suppliers and customers payment with each booking while your lead convert to boking at the time of booking you can do manage all these activities and you can do set reminders for payment follow up as well once you schedule your customer payment there is no options to send auto reminders to your customer if you enable that link system will do follow up automatically and send them payment links with reminder mail including invoice of respective amount.

Why payment scheduling software makes sense

Do you spend hours each week playing phone tag with clients trying to schedule their payments? Do you ever get frustrated trying to decipher illegible handwriting in your pen-and-paper payment to be collections for any time period? Have you ever had a client’s payment mistakenly written in on your pen-and-paper payment collection book and wished there was a better way? An online payment scheduler can help alleviate all of these pain points. But in addition to cutting down on confusion and administrative time, there are other key benefits to using a travel agency payment scheduler software.

With payment scheduling software for travel agents like TraviYo you can create an online payment schedule with payment links where customers can feel convenient to make the payemnt. Think of it like an executive one you don’t have to pay by the hour and who’s available 24/7. You can even sale more packages to your customer conveniently through the website we will develop with this software for which you no need to pay us any extra amount.

Check your payments calendar on the go

Not only is scheduling software more convenient for your clients, it’s also more streamlined for you. Implementing payment scheduler software. The ability to check your payment schedule from anywhere makes juggling your schedule less frenzied—and saves you a ton of time and systematic your payment process you can get to know the summary report any time regarding your pipe line income and expenses and manage your business accordingly.

TraviYo gives you all the information you need to run your business right at your fingertips. You can set up and edit your payment scheduler from anywhere and accept payments automatically or manually as clients book them online. The software allows you to check clients outstanding directly on your phone or iPad through your backend application credentials.

Streamline your payment scheduling process to make more business

Having everything in one centralized place that you and your employees can access from anywhere streamlines your whole operations. In fact, it could save your lots of time and stress regarding payment collection and process operation.Delayed payments are a drag. Not only do they throw a wrench in your payment collection calendar, they also leave you with a block of time in which you could be making a sale but are just sitting there instead. TraviYo will help immensely in reducing payment delay for your travel agency

TraviYo gives you the ability to require people to pay online at the time they get the payment reminder from system—which makes them a lot more likely to show up. And beyond helping you cut down on payment delay, Client Prepayments has two more key benefits. First, it helps with cash flow. If you need to book any service from your supplies in advance, requiring clients to pay on time means you don’t have to fund those purchases out of pocket. One more thing, on time payment makes a better and seamless customer experience. If clients have already paid on time for everything, they can simply enjoy the services during their tour.

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