Building decent relationships with your suppliers like tour operators, ticket partner, cruise lines, DMC, hoteliers and other suppliers takes time and effort. But establishing strong relationships with supplier sales representatives can vintage big rewards.

Suppliers will always up to date you on new products they have and agent incentives or commissions and sometimes provide upgrades and other amenities for your clients as well. So we developed TraviYo which will help you to maintain and stronger your relationship with your suppliers and you can get more benefits for your travel agency.

For any travel agent it’s very critical to manage your supplier in proper manner through nay manual effort, and after a long time research we have identified that to serve better you have to enroll a better supplier and to maintain a good business relation with any vendor you need travel agency suppliers management software which will help you to maintain and manage your supplier in a single place and you can manage your supplier services, contact details and payments.

What is the use of Suppliers Management Software

TraviYo is a simplified and robust platform; that can help you to track the historical statement of your suppliers, you can easily track and compare the quality of your supplier’s services, testimonial and margins in a single platform and as per your business need you can choose the best supplier for your business.

Using TraviYo it’s not any more a tedious task to manage and transfer the funds on time to your suppliers even you can auto schedule your payments and instruct to TraviYo BOT to process your payment on time, once you start using TraviYo you can see how smoothly you can manage your suppliers payment in a complete organized platform.

Spread your product offer to your customers with a universal range of high-quality services from different suppliers. You can get the lowest possible prices and best services based on historical reports by choosing the services from several suppliers simultaneously. This module is also a huge time saver because all suppliers’ products are present on the same platform of TraviYo, further you no need to login into each supplier’s system separately. If you required to add custom 3rd party supplier and mapping them with particular service, you can add them yourself to your centralize system.p>

Suppliers Management Software Features

Any travel agent can use our features of TraviYo like supplier payment schedule for travel agency and automate your suppliers payment generate historical reports for your suppliers to get the best supplier for your travel agency if you wish to split payments of your suppliers and set reminder for you can splitting and manage suppliers payment for travel agency and all the log will record automatically in our centralized time line data base further which will help you to automate your travel agency with TraviYo.

There are many options to manage your suppliers through TraviyO, that you can add all those services you are providing to your customers you can add as many as suppliers you want for any respective services you have, once you map them with respective services they will automatically reflect accordingly at the time of booking of that particular services with a summary rating for different parameters of suppliers which will again help you to quick selection of best supplier.

How Suppliers Management Software is beneficial for travel industry?

You can manage your suppliers payment you can schedule them accordingly. Once you schedule the payments for your suppliers you will get notifications accordingly before you transfer the funds to your customer you can do that in an organized manner with TraviYo there is an option to release suppliers payment, and save them accordingly at the same time you can get an option to manage ITC for your payments you are going to transfer to your suppliers.

There are many problems with every travel agents regarding to having a perfect supplier for their travel agency like Variety at the Cost of Duplication, Diversity within Suppliers, Keeping up with Suppliers, Inaccuracy of the Content For aay travel agency, more suppliers means more properties, more coverage and more choices of services for your customers. You can consider that sometimes the same hotel is repeated in the Hotel Search results of different suppliers. Which conclude that every 10th hotel or services is duplicate content for you so it’s better to keep all the frequently used suppliers in your won centralized database.

Once you transfer the funds and maintain the ITC for your GST calculation that like a GST software for travel agents TraviYo will help you to generate soft repots accordingly for all of your expenses and in a very simple way you can get that how much amount you adjust from your ITC and what the amount you need to pay GST.

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