Team Behind Success

Team Behind Success

The happier your employees, the more successful your company.Establishing a collaborative environment is just the beginning of a more successful venture. To empower each team member, it is a great strategy to work with their strengths rather than working around their weaknesses. Our Employees hold leadership positions in professional and volunteer communities and organizations because of their unique expertise in leadership,evolving HR issues,software development & customer support.

TraviYo's Employees are more passionate, creative, hard-working, unique, intelligent, and fun.They want to solve problems, collaborate with each other, advance in their careers, deliver great products, create and maintain a great customer experience, make a difference, and have fun while they’re doing it. Our team is connected in this way, each member is set up for success because they are each assigned tasks that play to their respective strengths.we encourage our TraviYans to find success and fulfillment, whether working at our home office or theirs – they always feel connected.

Our goal is to have happy customers, employees, and families.

Amar Kumar Rout
Amar Kumar Rout Founder of StoutWeb Pvt. Ltd
Amar Kumar Rout is the Founder of TraviYo Looking into the end to end product execution and customer accusation at TraviYo.
Gopi Krishanan Nayak Chief Corporate Officer
Maintaining strategic business partnerships with government agencies, professional associations and investors
Nivedita Jena Head Operation
She is behind this great success of TraviYo, by strategical management of HRD, Client Relation and Team Buildup
Animesh Mondal Technology Specialist
The genius mind behind TraviYo, He drive the team to give a quick solution for any kind of technology challenges.
Vaishali Choudhury Techonology Analyst
Vaishali is the key developer and a core member of TraviYo, Making TraviYo upward a step every day by her innovative ideas and hard work.
Ravi Ranjan Techonology Analyst
Looking for TraviYo’s smooth functioning, flawless execution, an excellent user experience, and makes the clients more comfortable with TraviYo
Akash Omre Techonology Analyst
Akash is a dynamic guy who is looking into strategical movement for all research and development works and makes TraviYo more powerful
Varsha Technology Associate
As a Senior Associate, Varsha works with clients to assess and optimize their brand for growth at TraviYo.
Uttam Kumar Gupta Digital Specialist
Uttam is a Google certified engineer who leads the entire digital marketing process and execution roadmap at TraviYo.
Arun Kumar Gupta Technology Strategies
Arun is looking into the entire UI/UX for TraviYo, he is the hands and master mind behind all that you see / touch / feel on TraviYo
Anand Kumar Gupta Technology Associate
Anand is a Technology Associate who always Crazy about implements new technology for quick functioning of TraviYo.
Priyanka Bisht Technology Associate
Priyanka is working as a Technology associate.She is working on Web based applications and Backend with her exceptional problem solving and analytical skills.
Manjet Technology Associate
Majeet Raj as working as Technology Associate of StoutWeb Pvt. He is passionate about own work and He has experience on different technologies
Sohit Technology Associate
Sohit Vashishtha is the Technology Associate of StoutWeb Pvt. Ltd. He has experience on Mvc And Dot NET.He is handing a backend project of traviyo.
Rajeshwar Srivastava Technology Associate
Rajeshwar Srivastava being a Technology Associate of StoutWeb Pvt. Ltd., having skills on languages like C, C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, C++ .NET and on web frameworks such as ASP.NET MVC 1-5,ASP.NET Web Forms.
Saurav Technology Associate
"Saurav Kumar Yadav is the Technology Associate of StoutWeb Pvt. Ltd. working into end to end Software Developer with Technologies are ASP.NET, MVC, ANGULAR JS, REACT JS, API and managing all aspects of the development process for small to medium-sized companies."

Life At TraviYo

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